3rd ASPIRE Olympiad Result Announced

Our Greetings and salutations to all the participants, teachers, coordinators for giving Aspire Aspire a three fold jump in its 2nd year. Not only was the participation overwhelming the performance too reflected the seriousness with which students wrote Olympiad.

The 2nd aspire saw as many as 150 students on the merit list. The class toppers from each school were awarded a silver medal along with a certificate. The top 10 rank holders in the tri-city bagged a gold medal, a trophy, gift voucher, cash award and a certificate. Participation certificates of all the students were sent to their schools.

The rank holders from class X were feliciated at the 2nd Aspire Prize distribution function held at BM SAP Panchkula on the 26th May 2012. We tool the opportunity to honour and express our gratitude to the school coordinators as without their sincere efforts holding an Olympiad of such magnitude is not possible. The enthusiasm of students and parents was definitely infectious.

We aslo express our gratitude to the esteemed Principals of all the participating schools for their unflinching support to Aspire

To Carry forward the legacy formed
We introduce the 3rd Aspire Tricity Olympiad.

With such stupendous growth propelling us, we announce the 3rd Aspire 2012. The philosophy content, methodology and technique remaining the same, this time we include students of classes III and IV well.

Aspire has the backing of tricity's leading competition training institute - PRAGYA.

The paradigms of education are evolving at a rapid pace bringing about rapid changes in performance variables and measurement tools. To keep pace with such continuous changes in teaching - learning objectives the need for alternate measurement tools arises. Tools which are tried, tested and ready made.

ASPIRE is an Olympiad meant to raise the aspirations of students and meet them as well. Based on higher order thinking skills in science and mathematics it is also the First Tricity Olympiad. Every child wants to top the class, then all sections but beyond that he has no tool. This Olympiad widens the competitions pool. So before the students compete nationally and internationally we offer him a testing tool on the tricity platform where curriculums and teaching methodologies are more or less similar.

The content, the pattern, the testing techniques for ASPIRE are of national standard whereby appearing in this Olympiad will prepare students for all other reputed national competitions. Rest assured, this Olympiad will serve as an opt complement to the continuous teaching learning process on going in the school. Our methodology: A Four stage testing and grooming of skills in mathematics and sciences.